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Like most interior designers I offer four main services - Space Planning and Design; Procurement (buying things); On-site Supervision (overseeing tradespeople) and Dressing the Space.  Clients can choose to hire me for some or all of these services. Here's how it works . . . 


Residential - Interior design is not just about plumping cushions. Spaces don't just have to look beautiful, they need to work beautifully.   That means getting the space planning right. On commercial and domestic projects, I always put the end user at the heart of the design, making sure that the layout and features work for you to produce an interior that exceeds your expectations.

This includes meeting with you to discuss how you live in or use the space and any specific requirements, then providing style guides, floor plans, elevations, technical and 3D drawings to show you and your building teams how the room/s will look.

Commercial - Good design can maximise the return on your investment:  Ensuring you get maximum covers; that the workflow of a space is optimised and/or that the space reflects your desired brand ethos.

With a background in branding and marketing I will work with you to create a design that reflects your brand, but also one that works for your customers and your staff, supported by the tech drawings your tradespeople need.


Interior Designers have access to products that members of the public simply don't.  I can source the best furniture, fixtures and fittings for the best prices.  

And, because I'm always looking at the latest products, I've got a good understanding of what's on the market across a number of price points.

And talking of price, designers are also routinely offered trade discounts from suppliers. Most designers keep it all for themselves. But I find that passing on an element of the discount to my clients can mean that they pay less than they would if they went directly to a supplier. It's a real incentive to work with me as a designer so it makes sense for both of us.

On top of this I can help you avoid making expensive mistakes by choosing the wrong pieces.  

And the savings on purchasing frequently mean that you actually save enough money to cover my design fee. Working like this, you really have nothing to lose and a great interior to gain.

On-site Supervision

Planning a great design scheme and buying great pieces is vital, but a project can still fall if the implementation isn't great.

Building work is complicated and things always change when you get on site. When that happens, you need to respond quickly to avoid wasting time or money on the wrong solution. It can be really stressful.

I offer regular site visits to ensure works are being done to the desired standard, taking that stress away from you.  It can save you time and money in the long run. And ensure that you get the finish you are hoping for.

Dressing the space

I can help you to achieve a final space that looks dressed and finished,

By selecting the correct accessories and ensuring that the final touches are in place your interior can go from good to great. It's all about creating the wow factor and that comes from those final flourishes - choosing pictures, throws and of course, plumping cushions.


I try to keep this simple and cost effective.  However, as every job is different, it's tricky to just give a one-size-fits-all structure.  So my fees  vary by project and by the level of involvement required. 

I usually quote design fees as a flat fee so that clients have some cost certainty. This can be a percentage of build in commercial jobs or flat fee for room design for domestic projects.  

For procurement, I usually charge a percentage markup, but as explained above, the savings you make from any discounts can actually end up saving you money. And I work with complete transparency advising where discounts are offered. 

Site visits are usually charged at an hourly rate, or if longer term involvement is required can be based on a flat fee. 

The simplest thing is to give me a call and we'll talk through your specific project in more detail. I can then give you an idea of the fees you'll be looking at or tailor my involvement to work with your budget.

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